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You’ve been dreaming for years of finally taking care of all those dental problems that have been plaguing you … but it’s so expensive!!

You’ve been putting it off for years, suffering pain and discomfort month after month, because somehow, there is always something more urgent that needs your attention.
But now, you can delay no further; you need to have that treatment!

Even if it means that vacation you’ve been planning for ever will have to be put off until better times roll by. And who knows when that will happen? But what if you could combine that dental treatment you desperately need with that fabulous holiday you richly deserve?

AND still have money left over?


Only minutes away from the heart of Jerusalem, we are located in a haven of peace and tranquility, overlooking the Judean Hills and Bethlehem. Situated in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, we offer a unique advantage: a dental clinic that can offer an added-value dental tourism holiday. No need to look for parking or worrying about scheduling appointments, everything is close-by.

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Deciding where to have your dental treatment is never easy. Ideally, you need to find a reputable dentist close to home, and plan out a complete dental treatment plan that will restore your dentition to optimum function and aesthetics. However, this is not always possible.

 One of the major problems with achieving this goal is the prohibitive cost of quality dental treatment. Prices for superior dentistry are constantly rising, and treatment plans that cost tens of thousands of dollars are not uncommon.

 Here in Israel, due to a unique macro-economic situation, the costs of comparative levels of dentistry are much lower than in most of the western world, often less than 50%. Additionally, these lower prices are not achieved at the expense of quality; standards of dentistry in Israel are the same, or often higher, than those of the United States or Europe.